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Wang Xin, senior vice president of Sohu: To seize the society, "Ma bar"

From 1999 into the Sohu, 6 years, Wang Xin from the public relations, marketing and sales departments to ensure the competent person in charge has been senior vice president of sales, she almost went through every step of Sohu growth and maturity of the brand. But Wang Xin did not see themselves as professional managers, she said: "I prefer to position themselves for the cause of the manager, I love entrepreneurship, I have a strong entrepreneurial culture complex."

Sohu senior vice president of Miss Wang Xin

EMBA entrance examination in the ability to comment on the self, Wang Xin for his comments is: relatively strong ability to think logically, to the innovations have great enthusiasm and the ability to actively participate in and love of the Classics.

Experience Sohu

Sohu was established in 1998. The next year, the inviting Sohu founder Charles Zhang, Wang Xin joined Sohu responsible for public relations, public relations is Sohu was one of the core sector. Since that time the Internet has just begun, we still do not understand the Internet, Sohu To set up soon in the case of lack of funds play brand awareness, public relations is an important means of communication.

In the early stages of Internet development in China, everyone curious about the new things are particularly like to hear the story of the Internet, business heroes. And Sohu, including Charles Zhang I also just created some of the Internet story, so to attract a lot of attention, while Wang Xin is also planning a number of activities to Charles Zhang into the foreground. Public relations and print media in conjunction with Sohu's popularity quickly hit out. Recall, Wang Xin said with a smile, "We were very lucky, by the way this story to Sohu's brand has been well spread."

However, with the more mature Internet markets, products, technology, business model must keep up; the same time enhance Sohu's popularity day by day, Sohu must be in good products and technologies based on the brand's reputation for more more attention. At this time relying on public relations has clearly not enough, Sohu's public relations department began to transition to the market, Wang Xin, Sohu began marketing fully responsible for the work: word of mouth marketing, event marketing, all sorts, with its own as an Internet marketing platform natural advantages, Sohu quickly became one of two major Chinese portals.

However, the Internet bubble finally burst. In 2001, the Chinese Internet market experienced winter, Sohu shares fell in the lowest point 6 when Mao money, companies need to change the predicament of income. The most difficult time in the company, Wang Xin converted to advertising sales. Sohu positioned as the media, so all the work, including resource matching the center of gravity are localized in the media, while traditional media revenue mainly from advertising, so this also led to the incomes of Shiyi Sohu ad-based. But when China's Internet market is very cold, customers of the Internet is relatively superficial knowledge, online advertising even harder to accept, so Wang Xin is one of the major tasks the education market, to tell customers what the Internet is, what Sohu, Sohu will do for you. Combined was not popular value-added business, advertising is the only source of income for Sohu.

Competition It was a personal capacity on their own era, Wang Xin, visiting clients one by one, introduce them to the Internet, introduced Sohu. When the Internet is getting warmer, Sohu is also the difficulty.

Today, advertising revenue has accounted for 70% of Sohu's total income. While traffic on most competitors can not compete, but advertising revenues are in no way inferior to competitors, which are all related to the efforts of Wang Xin.

Innovation and integration

The same as traditional advertising sales, maintaining customer relationships is the focus of network advertising sales, but the difference is that the Internet itself is always changing, always have something innovative to bring it up to share. So many years of work, Wang Xin has been stressed to her sales team in two words: innovation and integration.

"You always take things to bring the most innovative Internet client because the client is concerned for his knowledge of the Internet than we are certainly lagging behind a number, then we should introduce the latest Internet information to them, tell them how use this resource compatible with his own marketing. Furthermore, we need integration, such as our co-operation with the common 'MICE China' activities, in addition to Sohu's seven channels to do with our marketing department is also in co-ordination, forming a line interaction on the line to the Sohu platform into an integrated resource. "Wang Xin said.

Therefore, in Sohu's office wall you can see a great billboards that says Wang Xin of the sales staff of three requirements: Internet experts, industry experts, marketing experts, "sales staff to be very understanding of all our technical and products, in a deep understanding of the basis of these products up with customer references, and customers can put their marketing organically together, "Wang Xin explained," the only way to truly grasp the customer, achieve win-win. "Therefore, Wang Xin on her team are very proud to lead. Many large projects require front-end, mid and back office operations with three levels, inter-departmental cooperation, and sales are only the sales department can see that this is a contradiction. But Wang Xin said: "We have a very good incentive to encourage this matter of common good." But what kind of incentive mechanism, Wang Xin treat it as Sohu senior secret, and only say " this mechanism in the industry is very competitive. "

World Cup fates got tied

Turning to marketing ideas and Wang Xin did not hesitate to pop out saying: "Seize the community hemp bars," also means "to seize the social hot spot, to seize the excitement every heart, you need to pay attention to these people thinking, understanding what they want, you can find a good marketing tool to close them naturally, this natural sense of intimacy is very important. "she explained.

Look around in the summer of 2006, Germany is undoubtedly a "most thick hemp bars," Sohu will certainly not miss. More importantly, the World Cup audience and Internet use among males in good agreement. Thus, as early as late last year, Sohu began preparing for the World Cup - after Japan and South Korea World Cup 2002 Sohu has been tested on a small chopper.

As media, content is always the most important. In the World Cup, Sohu sent a team of front-line reports strong group and press to support foreign aid, and invited well-known player evaluation assessment for each ball game. Meanwhile, Sohu extensive cooperation with the above, the first use of the Internet multimedia technology to cover the event, that is, 64 games on the Internet to match the 4 minutes highlights of the game form the Internet TV show. The most eye-catching is the establishment of a World Cup blog Sohu Corps, sent a total of 11 grass-roots blog went to the World Cup in Germany reported that, through their reports to supplement the official reports Sohu, which makes the whole World Cup, the contents of the presentation is very attractive, " Our traffic is very good. "Xin Wang could not conceal his excitement.

But this is only a first step.

Cooperation with the World Cup, on the one hand to promote Sohu's brand, "On the other hand, as an Internet platform, a media, we hope to share the platform and the identity of the client's marketing to." Wang Xin said. A few months ago, Sohu began to communicate with customers and promotion of the famous Da divergent from customers, some long-suppressed "OCS" customers are also attracted by the World Cup debut.

Now, the World Cup-related advertising revenue already exceeded 4,000 million, while "Our goal is 5,000 yuan," Wang Xin confidence. Clearly, in addition to the return of the brand and traffic, Sohu is also a productive session in income. An event, a month's time, advertising to be 5,000 million, and Wang Xin led the combat team is evident.

In fact, since 2003, Sohu sports marketing was placed on the strategic level web development, cooperation with the World Cup is just one of the steps Sohu sports marketing. Under this strategy, the 2008 Beijing Olympics is more worth the effort to do Sohu project.

November 7, 2005, Sohu announced the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sponsor status, became fully responsible for the content of the Beijing Olympics official website editing, technical support, and the whole process of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games promotion. Currently, this site, you can already see that BOCOG and Beijing Municipal Government Beijing Olympic Games on real-time dynamic.

Perhaps this is a great opportunity to go beyond the competition. Wang Xin from the expression, it seems everything is under control.

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