Saturday, October 23, 2010

Foxconn you should "jump off the door" ashamed

This year, Shenzhen Foxconn jumped staff on many occasions, falls incident. According to incomplete statistics, in less than six months time, at least six Foxconn workers jumped to his death or disability due. This well-known companies caught in controversy. Recently, Foxconn Group management interviews with the media, gently admitted staff on the new generation of "humanistic care is not enough", in the management and corporate culture need to "review" of the place.

No matter what kind of business, so often employees jumping phenomenon occurs, of course, management problems. This "review" to be anything new. Last year in July, staff Sundan Yong Foxconn jumped from the 12th floor died, the Foxconn Group business long enough to recognize the internal management, the psychological distress in the resolve of workers doing "not delicate and orderly." It now appears that Foxconn this problem is even more severe exposure, can no longer use "not fine" to describe it. To death for their employees to seek relief in the unique business situation, Foxconn has long been the king should not say so outright, but rather due respect to the entire community an apology.

Foxconn's management of the enterprise culture and a variety of criticisms. Sun Danyong after jumping, it has been noticed that other employees of the cold response, and not sympathy and pity pity that psychology is called "Wolf management" caused by selfishness and extreme. Also the media through in-depth interview bluntly criticized Foxconn is the "sweatshops", the result was a sky-high price Foxconn claims. Although the case to the parties "exchanged apologies" and Foxconn's withdrawal ended, but Foxconn to "sweatshops" were strongly dissatisfied with the head still leave a deep impression. In the long criticism and controversy over, how many people on Foxconn's strange that companies are tired of the internal landscape. So, when the staff so intensive wave of suicide strikes, but at the social level provoked a slight ripple. Have to say, this is a very strange human sight.

Tired of the Foxconn, and may not be just ordinary people. It is easy to note that Foxconn has occurred after workers jump from a building, local labor departments have not made any reaction. Did not express regret, did not carry out the investigation Hearing and did not make any punishment for enterprises. This did not respond to the labor department, in the outside world appears, it means that local governments have the default that is the family business, without any government input. This aloof attitude highlights the "small government" inaction and rule strategy, just a little bizarre taste.

As early as three years ago, the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions with innovative ideas on Foxconn sent to the branch, and since then, Foxconn's workers have their own trade unions. At that time, the ACFTU has been concerned that the practice of Shenzhen, "gratifying." There is no doubt that the way to the external presence in the Foxconn has set up trade unions, to workers in enterprises, and labor rights protection play an important role in the negotiations. But several years of practice down, Foxconn unions admit relief system "have not done enough to promote." It is reported that Foxconn of many of the young workers indulged in the virtual world, more self-awareness of rights protection, little communication with colleagues. Naturally, they also seldom trade unions for help. Needless to say, trade unions Foxconn encountered in the work of the outside world do not understand the difficulties, their staff in the prevention of suicide is difficult to play an effective role. If the union's performance can only be so weak, then people look to the path of trade unions may improve Foxconn culture will come to nothing.

Inadequate management of corporate recognition but did not make improvements, but the union has been trying to make ends meet, local governments refused for reasons known to all shots, Foxconn's labor rights to maintain this into a unique "Foxconn knot." Hundreds of thousands of workers labor to live in a relatively closed kingdom, in addition to their own, no one seems to care about how well they live. Only when they pull off in some way to leave this world, it was suddenly found in the Anning Xiang and the country where there is such a huge community. Such a legal system for our society, for an emphasis on people-oriented era, this is it not a sufficient strange thing?

A worker is not a machine, it is not only workers can contribute a profit, he was someone's son, someone's father or brother. With falls each occurrence, the ending of the lives of not only the parties, and a family's happiness and joy. It hurt more than just family and friends, but also a severe blow to the people of a great wealth of material to imagine a better time, it's culture, society as a whole body trauma on the left. If we knew someone would jump from the upstairs Foxconn, did not make any effort to stop and save, should we not be ashamed of it?

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Foxconn you should "jump off The door" ashamed

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Accounting is the common language of the financial sector

New accounting rules require listed companies to corporate sustainable development should be regularly reported to the public and investors, these regulations will help standardize enterprise behavior and capital market development. May 30, Kokusai Shimbun reporters Zhong Xinhe and De Qinhua Tohmatsu CPA in Beijing organized a training event. During the "Fortune" magazine editor AnnMorrison former President, "Time" and Mr. Senior Editor DonaldMorrison experts, to more than 60 financial reporters about the interpretation and use of any experience in corporate financial reporting.

The new accounting standards is an important benchmark for measuring corporate performance

Deloitte (China) audit partner financial services industry, Dr. Wang Pengcheng making "an overview of the new accounting standards," said the Guidance, the new accounting standards is a measure of business performance is an important benchmark, learn new standards is significant.

Under the new accounting standards, corporate financial position measurement mode cost value and fair value of the two. Measurement method by which is better? Dr. Wang, for example, the construction of a building, it cost 100 million yuan, a few years property prices have risen to 10 million. The new accounting standards give enterprises more professional accountants to judge space, which allows companies to choose different accounting policies. In view of this, enterprises in the financial report, you can use 100 million yuan, said the building's cost, you can also use one billion yuan, said the building's market value, this value is fair value. In this case where the financial, corporate accounting used in the measurement of the cost price of 100 million yuan, while very reliable, but no information on the historical cost value of the correlation is weak because it is; when the market value of the building is 10 billion times enterprise with a fair value measurement is very useful, because it's dependent.

To accounting as an art

"Time", Mr. Senior Editor DonaldMorrison give you the training, said that the number of accounting workers and deal with more than 10 kinds of measurement methods, this is an art. Media to read the company's financial report, you can find and understand a lot of information, use the information to make itself more intelligent.

- Learn from the corporate earnings report found that "news." Corporate financial reporting "news spots" come from? A look at financial statements of the balance sheet, through the data comparison and found that the problems in business; second, by contrast ratio method, grasp the business debt / equity, assets yield, weighted average return on net assets, frozen flow ratio and cash flow problems. Third, we must understand the earnings release time and related information. If the enterprise release delayed financial reports, or company refuse to provide certain details, which shows aspects of enterprise management problems, should be concerned about.

Corporate earnings in the real value lies in the fact sheet of the "Notes items." To pay, for example, if an independent director compensation than 5 times higher than other independent directors, we should ask "why", if necessary, this should be investigated. Another example, the energy companies enjoying government subsidies, the price of their products is relatively stable, shareholders will not yield very different; the other hand, if the energy companies in a certain period of revenue growth of 22.4%, shows production and operations there is a problem situation, the reporter should be investigated. Furthermore, if the company will build a lot of money for office and other administrative expenses, which also requires attention.

- Can not be satisfied with the figures into the story, but to tap the number of stories. 79 years old this year, although Ms. Caroil.Loomis skilled use of computers, but she is still with the written record of their contact with all the files. She hid behind the financial statements of hard work closely with Fortune 500 information. Once she completed a steel company to interview, spent 5 days reading annual reports of steel companies, acquired a wealth of information. In 1982, Aetne insurance companies use false financial statements to improve profits, Caroil.Loomis Annual Report from the company's "balance sheet that" found that the details of the concerns raised Amex. In 1983, the American Express Company Fireman's Fund operating revenue. Her analysis of corporate financial statements, this information was found. Since then, the insurance companies by state insurance regulators punishment. Caroil.Loomis painstaking research reported figures, paid their own efforts and wisdom, as the industry learn from.

- Less jargon, more physical representation of dialogue. Ann said the United States in an interview with The Wall Street Journal reported that American Airlines used a dialogue style, and achieved satisfactory results. At that time, Wall Street Journal reporters the airline CEO. CEO expressed the company to its shareholders the measures to be taken: "The new measures aimed at reducing the supply of non-profit." Wall Street Journal, the content will change the way of saying: "Frankly speaking, that is, remove money-losing flights, restrictions on low-cost accommodation." The result of this way of reporting very popular.

Abide by professional ethics

China's new accounting standards more stringent professional requirements. Financial news media reports in the new guidelines do, it must comply with the media code of ethics. Donald explained that when the reporter to a public company as its object the interview, the reporter in a certain period of time can not buy this stock. Meanwhile, the reporter could not accept the offer of gifts, and even companies to pay 25 dollars for transportation and meal subsidies can not be accepted. He also said during an interview with reporters all costs, can not be passed on to be interviewed enterprises, but should be paid by the reporter's employer. The code of ethics, journalists must be observed.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"The Sims 3" fun things continue to occur

Play a couple of days the sims 3, feeling really good, has many advantages not list them, and want to know them, please refer to other posts, here to talk about things I encounter 鍥? because all happened suddenly, so no time to capture , and pure text.

鍥?1, one night in their career track of the villains are gradually being of sleep, I also happy to WC, and behold, so my C back, keep the rest of my life stolen money to buy TV ...

鍥?2, in view of the sims 2 open party when the guests are always anxious to finish a lifetime of grain meal, 2 in 3 continued the practice of buying self-help table for guests Chihaohehao, and behold, people are held to large and small plates .. Consequently, from the kitchen to the latrine, to put the places filled with food ...

鍥?3, my little man has finally grown into the prime of life from the young, and life events can not be careless, Hupenghuanyou over to witness this historic moment, and behold, the results of invited 7 people over 20, my living room plug with the same station during the Spring Festival travel season, we squeezed into five hours, and then are brought to the party high marks to their homes of the ...

鍥?4, birthday party, after watching Full House messy, I am fortunate to have hourly workers in this business, so let bad people loitering in the streets to 4:00 and then sleep at home, behold, the domestic service companies is really pro-s man and a woman two days sent directly to the servant, maid Although the mood is very unhappy, but still dutifully stick to their posts, butler for a look at television, one will go to a network, one will go for a ice-Qi Lin, eating End maid last straw was also brushing ... stare at him, he picked up a bumbling dirty dishes from the ground, and then on the table ... the most intolerable is that, finally, I paid double the money is. ..

鍥?5, party often come to a mysterious little fat boy, always Sipilailian not go, he always carried to the mid-to party, to the future and does not speak one's eating a plate of food to eat at midnight 12 o'clock, time to drift away ....

鍥?6, although it is my villain sports legend, but to fully develop morally, intellectually, it has become a chess master to be the next target. Behold, a player in the phone Yuezhan 鍥?when things happen, at 9 points, phone calls, please telephone the other side that is not something to play over 23 hours later, well, the next night to play, the days turned into a call back, the third day or the day after .... About a week or not about them ...

These 鍥?things, are also considered one of the sims 3 Let the fun ...


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The other side of performance evaluation [1]

The future really have a competitive advantage, will be those that can stimulate members of the business beyond the pursuit of self interest.

Human resources director of a company is very depressed recently, some time ago according to monthly sales evaluation system ambiguity disadvantage, HR leading role in the redesign, did not expect this to be high hopes after the implementation of new system backfired, resulting in a number of orders people worried.

The company's traditional practice is self-determined sales target by the department, at the end of extraction by a certain percentage of sales money to the department assigned by the department heads. Performance evaluation in accordance with prevailing views, such subjective judgments based on department heads bonus distribution, lack of motivation of employees. To promote the sales staff's enthusiasm, Human Resources will reach a sales target sales rate and the money factor linked, set the ladder of rewards:

Unexpectedly, the policy implementation Que 鍑虹幇 to be the case: As the sales target Bijiao challenging, part of the sales personnel are no longer paying exclusive attention to sales of Shang, but the Da Cheng Jiang Zi Ji monthly rate of "precision" controlled at 80% -81% in order to ensure that the monthly rate can reach more than 80%.

More headache, the new policy, the company's climate has undergone subtle changes. Before that, though there is no incentive mechanism of traction, but all departments except sales goals, will also focus on product marketing initiative to identify some "mission impossible", to determine their own challenge goal, the company is very strong and positive atmosphere . After the implementation of performance appraisal goals, many people began to focus on sales objectives and bargaining on the company, but lost before the entrepreneurial spirit, the company changed the atmosphere of concern.

The other side of the coin
The embarrassment of implementation performance appraisal in many Chinese companies were not uncommon, but nevertheless, there are still more companies to stick into target performance appraisal. The target performance appraisal fans on the view, the employee is self-interest, and the efforts of the lack of internal motivation. Organizational performance improvement the key lies in the use of employee self-interest, design the incentive system and the corresponding penalties, the staff recognized Dao goal for the organization's national interest, prompting them to Gongzuo.

This carrot and stick type of concept at first glance a simple and practical, and China has always been not a lack of "reasonable incentive, reward on merit" of consciousness, so companies interested in objective performance appraisal is not surprising. To address the performance evaluation of the problem, companies did her best, but unfortunately, the efforts of businesses in this area are often counterproductive.

First, many enterprises will be distributed on hopes of a mandatory, but there will be differences in the incentive bonus as the only means to force the distribution is seen as the difference between the technology, the end result is to force the distribution of the force distribution, entirely contrary to the the principles of motivation and mind. It is said a consulting firm in the market and also forced the distribution of "practicing" to require the mandatory distribution of the project team is also the ultimate project manager bite the bullet and the number of places to be improved to the first entered team of assistants, assistant crying out, were classified not done for the good of the people, take their places Naozhuo to go out.

Many people on the dynamic curve of the lack of real understanding of the meaning, practices which are being "forced distribution is science" puzzled by the question. Welch helm at GE in fact, the mandatory distribution of one of the best, as is the distinct values of GE. Welch as "one of the highest principle of" through a "soft (people) hard (business) numbers of" effective management, to achieve the performance has increased significantly. In Welch's eyes, the same people and business, can add value through investments. Values, no good or bad, or whether it can be used to measure scientific and reasonable.

Quantitative Management is now also widely seen as a magic weapon to solve problems performance evaluation. "Can not be quantified will not be able to measure, can not be measured can not be managed." Because the more important things more difficult to measure, quantify and end up in one-sided pursuit of wanted A got B results. Media have reported that the Public Security Bureau in a manner to strengthen the assessment of the attendance of 110 to km / day as an indicator, resulting in 110 a day in emergency nothing to scream come and go in downtown.

Indeed, the fundamental does not quantify individual performance appraisal for employees, but against the process and organizational aspects of performance management. It has long been recognized that purely financial indicators have a lag characteristics, can not fully reflect the performance of enterprises, need to be complemented by non-financial indicators. And easy to collect data on financial indicators of different, non-financial indicators to measure quite difficult to quantify unless otherwise difficult evaluation, Only then can not be quantified can not manage to say.

Enterprises around the individual appraisal and reward has struggled, however, there is not a return to pay, many persist in performance through the assessment to get people gradually found a dead end: set sophisticated incentives has led to staff not concerned about the performance itself Instead, the company plays the game; often received short-term gains but long-term damage to the development of really pressing the calabash gourd played.

These problems not only exist in Chinese enterprises. Sony declined in recent years, industry leadership, its former directors, the outer server Lang recently written that, from the end of 1995 the introduction of performance evaluation system is not the culprit Sony scenery. In his "doctrine destroyed the performance of Sony" article that "the results of operations and financial rewards directly linked to reward employees in order to get more hard work" of the performance of doctrine, so that Sony lost the passion and spirit of challenge, became more and more mediocre. People tend to identify more easily achievable goals, starting with the company playing a bargaining game.


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

VBScript MsgBox function

MsgBox Function
In the dialog box displays the message, wait for the user clicks the button, and returns a value that indicates the user clicks the button.
MsgBox (prompt [, buttons] [, title] [, helpfile, context])
As the message displayed in the dialog box in the string expression. The maximum length of prompt is approximately 1024 characters, depending on the width of the characters used. If the prompt contains multiple rows, can separate the lines using a carriage return character (Chr (13)), linefeed (Chr (10)) or carriage return line feed combination (Chr (13) & Chr (10 )) separating each line.
Numerical expression, is that the specified number and type of display button, the icon style to use the default button ID and message box style values combined. The values, see "Settings" section. If omitted, the buttons of the default value of 0.
Displayed in the dialog box title bar string expression. If you omit title, the application name will appear in the title bar.
String expression that identifies the dialog box to help provide context-sensitive help file. If you have provided helpfile, you must provide the context. In the 16-bit system platform is not available.
Numeric expression that identifies the Help file of help topics assigned to a context number. If you have provided context, you must provide the helpfile. In the 16-bit system platform is not available.
Set up
buttons parameter can have the following values:
Constant Value Description
vbOKOnly 0 display only the OK button.
vbOKCancel 1 Display OK and Cancel buttons.
vbAbortRetryIgnore 2 shows to give up, retry and ignore buttons.
vbYesNoCancel 3 shows that, if and Cancel button.
vbYesNo 4 Display is and whether the buttons.
vbRetryCancel 5 Show Retry and Cancel buttons.
vbCritical 16 shows the critical message icon.
vbQuestion 32 warning query icon.
vbExclamation 48 displays a warning message icon.
vbInformation 64 display information message icon.
vbDefaultButton1 0 the first button as the default button.
vbDefaultButton2 256 second button to the default button.
vbDefaultButton3 512 third button as default button.
vbDefaultButton4 768 fourth button as default button.
vbApplicationModal 0 Application Mode: The user must respond to the message box before continuing work in the current application.
vbSystemModal 4096 system model: the user response to the message box, all applications are pending.

The first group (0 - 5) is used to describe the dialog box button to display the type and number; the second group (16, 32, 48, 64) describes the icon style; the third group (0, 256 , 512) is used to determine the default button; and the fourth group (0, 4096) determines the message box. In these numbers to create buttons parameter values, each value can only access a number.
Return Value
MsgBox function has the following return values:
Constant value of button
vbOK 1 to determine
vbCancel 2 canceled
vbAbort 3 abandoned
vbRetry 4 Retry
vbIgnore 5 Ignore
vbYes 6 is
vbNo 7 No

When both helpfile and context, the user can press F1 key to view the context of the corresponding help topic.
If the dialog box shows the Cancel button, press ESC key and click Cancel has the same effect. If the dialog box contains a Help button, the dialog box is promising to provide a context-sensitive help. However, click the other button, it will not return any value.
When MicroSoft Internet Explorer use the MsgBox function, the title of any dialog box always contains the VBScript, so to distinguish between the standard dialog box.
The following example demonstrates the use of MsgBox function:
Dim MyVarMyVar = MsgBox (Hello World!, 65, MsgBox Example)''MyVar contains either 1 or 2, depending on which button is clicked.

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Wang Xin, senior vice president of Sohu: To seize the society, "Ma bar"

From 1999 into the Sohu, 6 years, Wang Xin from the public relations, marketing and sales departments to ensure the competent person in charge has been senior vice president of sales, she almost went through every step of Sohu growth and maturity of the brand. But Wang Xin did not see themselves as professional managers, she said: "I prefer to position themselves for the cause of the manager, I love entrepreneurship, I have a strong entrepreneurial culture complex."

Sohu senior vice president of Miss Wang Xin

EMBA entrance examination in the ability to comment on the self, Wang Xin for his comments is: relatively strong ability to think logically, to the innovations have great enthusiasm and the ability to actively participate in and love of the Classics.

Experience Sohu

Sohu was established in 1998. The next year, the inviting Sohu founder Charles Zhang, Wang Xin joined Sohu responsible for public relations, public relations is Sohu was one of the core sector. Since that time the Internet has just begun, we still do not understand the Internet, Sohu To set up soon in the case of lack of funds play brand awareness, public relations is an important means of communication.

In the early stages of Internet development in China, everyone curious about the new things are particularly like to hear the story of the Internet, business heroes. And Sohu, including Charles Zhang I also just created some of the Internet story, so to attract a lot of attention, while Wang Xin is also planning a number of activities to Charles Zhang into the foreground. Public relations and print media in conjunction with Sohu's popularity quickly hit out. Recall, Wang Xin said with a smile, "We were very lucky, by the way this story to Sohu's brand has been well spread."

However, with the more mature Internet markets, products, technology, business model must keep up; the same time enhance Sohu's popularity day by day, Sohu must be in good products and technologies based on the brand's reputation for more more attention. At this time relying on public relations has clearly not enough, Sohu's public relations department began to transition to the market, Wang Xin, Sohu began marketing fully responsible for the work: word of mouth marketing, event marketing, all sorts, with its own as an Internet marketing platform natural advantages, Sohu quickly became one of two major Chinese portals.

However, the Internet bubble finally burst. In 2001, the Chinese Internet market experienced winter, Sohu shares fell in the lowest point 6 when Mao money, companies need to change the predicament of income. The most difficult time in the company, Wang Xin converted to advertising sales. Sohu positioned as the media, so all the work, including resource matching the center of gravity are localized in the media, while traditional media revenue mainly from advertising, so this also led to the incomes of Shiyi Sohu ad-based. But when China's Internet market is very cold, customers of the Internet is relatively superficial knowledge, online advertising even harder to accept, so Wang Xin is one of the major tasks the education market, to tell customers what the Internet is, what Sohu, Sohu will do for you. Combined was not popular value-added business, advertising is the only source of income for Sohu.

Competition It was a personal capacity on their own era, Wang Xin, visiting clients one by one, introduce them to the Internet, introduced Sohu. When the Internet is getting warmer, Sohu is also the difficulty.

Today, advertising revenue has accounted for 70% of Sohu's total income. While traffic on most competitors can not compete, but advertising revenues are in no way inferior to competitors, which are all related to the efforts of Wang Xin.

Innovation and integration

The same as traditional advertising sales, maintaining customer relationships is the focus of network advertising sales, but the difference is that the Internet itself is always changing, always have something innovative to bring it up to share. So many years of work, Wang Xin has been stressed to her sales team in two words: innovation and integration.

"You always take things to bring the most innovative Internet client because the client is concerned for his knowledge of the Internet than we are certainly lagging behind a number, then we should introduce the latest Internet information to them, tell them how use this resource compatible with his own marketing. Furthermore, we need integration, such as our co-operation with the common 'MICE China' activities, in addition to Sohu's seven channels to do with our marketing department is also in co-ordination, forming a line interaction on the line to the Sohu platform into an integrated resource. "Wang Xin said.

Therefore, in Sohu's office wall you can see a great billboards that says Wang Xin of the sales staff of three requirements: Internet experts, industry experts, marketing experts, "sales staff to be very understanding of all our technical and products, in a deep understanding of the basis of these products up with customer references, and customers can put their marketing organically together, "Wang Xin explained," the only way to truly grasp the customer, achieve win-win. "Therefore, Wang Xin on her team are very proud to lead. Many large projects require front-end, mid and back office operations with three levels, inter-departmental cooperation, and sales are only the sales department can see that this is a contradiction. But Wang Xin said: "We have a very good incentive to encourage this matter of common good." But what kind of incentive mechanism, Wang Xin treat it as Sohu senior secret, and only say " this mechanism in the industry is very competitive. "

World Cup fates got tied

Turning to marketing ideas and Wang Xin did not hesitate to pop out saying: "Seize the community hemp bars," also means "to seize the social hot spot, to seize the excitement every heart, you need to pay attention to these people thinking, understanding what they want, you can find a good marketing tool to close them naturally, this natural sense of intimacy is very important. "she explained.

Look around in the summer of 2006, Germany is undoubtedly a "most thick hemp bars," Sohu will certainly not miss. More importantly, the World Cup audience and Internet use among males in good agreement. Thus, as early as late last year, Sohu began preparing for the World Cup - after Japan and South Korea World Cup 2002 Sohu has been tested on a small chopper.

As media, content is always the most important. In the World Cup, Sohu sent a team of front-line reports strong group and press to support foreign aid, and invited well-known player evaluation assessment for each ball game. Meanwhile, Sohu extensive cooperation with the above, the first use of the Internet multimedia technology to cover the event, that is, 64 games on the Internet to match the 4 minutes highlights of the game form the Internet TV show. The most eye-catching is the establishment of a World Cup blog Sohu Corps, sent a total of 11 grass-roots blog went to the World Cup in Germany reported that, through their reports to supplement the official reports Sohu, which makes the whole World Cup, the contents of the presentation is very attractive, " Our traffic is very good. "Xin Wang could not conceal his excitement.

But this is only a first step.

Cooperation with the World Cup, on the one hand to promote Sohu's brand, "On the other hand, as an Internet platform, a media, we hope to share the platform and the identity of the client's marketing to." Wang Xin said. A few months ago, Sohu began to communicate with customers and promotion of the famous Da divergent from customers, some long-suppressed "OCS" customers are also attracted by the World Cup debut.

Now, the World Cup-related advertising revenue already exceeded 4,000 million, while "Our goal is 5,000 yuan," Wang Xin confidence. Clearly, in addition to the return of the brand and traffic, Sohu is also a productive session in income. An event, a month's time, advertising to be 5,000 million, and Wang Xin led the combat team is evident.

In fact, since 2003, Sohu sports marketing was placed on the strategic level web development, cooperation with the World Cup is just one of the steps Sohu sports marketing. Under this strategy, the 2008 Beijing Olympics is more worth the effort to do Sohu project.

November 7, 2005, Sohu announced the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sponsor status, became fully responsible for the content of the Beijing Olympics official website editing, technical support, and the whole process of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games promotion. Currently, this site, you can already see that BOCOG and Beijing Municipal Government Beijing Olympic Games on real-time dynamic.

Perhaps this is a great opportunity to go beyond the competition. Wang Xin from the expression, it seems everything is under control.

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dvdXsoft DVD to iPod Converter

Are you looking for a smart DVD to MP4 Converter or DVD to iPod Converter? Do you want the tool to be very compatible, very quick speed, and with very excellent output video quality? Here it is, dvdXsoft DVD to iPod Converter. The best DVD to iPod Converter is ready for downloading now.

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Compatible with all DVD drive and DVD disc
More features ...

New version fixed some important bugs! Now Support Windows Vista system!